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Carrying a firearm is a tremendous responsibility. Taking the required 8 hour course and receiving your permit is only the first step. Ready Tactical LLC wants to ensure that every person that goes through our course is leaps ahead of the 'minimum requirements.' Instead of sitting you down and having you watch a presentation for 8 hours we integrate marksmanship drills, malfunction drills and holster drills in order to better prepare you for the real world. Some companies promise free CCW classes, Ready Tactical LLC promises great training, your choice.

In order to better serve our students we now offer house calls. In addition to learning the basic CCW we can now integrate home defense strategies and considerations into the training. We want our students to be prepared for anything they may encounter. We do ask for a minimum of five students.

"Just wanted to say - what a great class. This was my third CC class - heads above all others. Very professional..."-Recent CCW Student.

Many people new to the world of firearms are worried that the course will be too hard or geared toward 'gun nuts.' The CCW Plus course is designed specifically as an introductory level course. Someone who has never even touched a firearm will be comfortable with our excellent and personable instructors. For those that have been in the industry for a while this course gives you the chance to reexamine your base techniques and skills and offers ways to improve and refine them.

By the time you have completed the course you will know and understand the laws relating to firearms, how to accurately engage threats, how to correct a pistol malfunction, how to draw a firearm and most importantly how to SAFELY handle your firearm.

Ready Tactical LLC wants to give you the biggest bang for your buck. We charge $100 for the NV course, $50 for NV Renewal and $0 (yep it's included free) for the Florida permit. Not only do you receive the 'minimum' requirements but you also get the additional practical skills usually reserved for an intro pistol course and home defensive strategies and scenarios.


Session 1 is from 4pm-8pm at 7825 Blesbock Ct. LV NV 89149

Session 2 is from 8am-12pm and begins at 7825 Blesbock Ct. LV NV 89149

To schedule a custom course click here, send us an email/text and we'll get everything set.

"I will always imprint in my mind all the things I learned from Nate and James.
Thank you"
- CCW Student

Required Equipment:

Note taking material
Magazine (at least 1, more is better)
Eye protection
Ear Protection
75 rounds (At Least)

If you don't have any firearms you may rent some. We'll provide the firearm, ammunition, holster, magazines, eye and ear protection, basically everything you'll need for the range. We charge $15 per person.

NOTE: If you are unable to make the course date you purchased just contact us via email or text and let us know and we can work out another course date. Refunds, however, are subject to a 50% fee.

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The NV and FL permits will allow you to carry in many states. For the most current information about which states are covered go to

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