The Magazine Replacement Apparatus or REAPER is now available!

Made in USA with the shooter in mind.

This is not a pouch. Pouches are for kangaroos, the Reaper is for reloading. Get the bullets to where they need to be. The Reaper permits you to have the same natural reload stroke no matter what shooting position you find yourself in.

"My preference of reaper placement. Works fine with the JPC, no complaints they work great." - Satisfied Reaper Customer.

IMG_40361"I work for a PMC/Private Security Company that hires combat vets and law enforcement exclusively. I have a standing rivalry with an 82nd airborne guy and former SWAT member during range days, so I was excited to get these... These things are awesome man. I netted a 1.7 second fire to fire reload with the Tavor [average without REAPER is 3.5 seconds], and smashed the other guys." - J from

REAPERS feature adjustable tension so any type of AR-15 or Steyer AUG magazines are good to go. The REAPER will accommodate right and left handed shooters. The versatile mounting system will allow you to use REAPERS on a Molle vest, Duty belt, War belt or Concealed rig, whatever suits your needs.

The tension prevents the magazines from falling out. When set up correctly, only a firm tug will release the magazine from the REAPER. Stop storing your magazines upside down, prep for your reload with the REAPER.

"The reaper is an awesome tool. It just makes sense. It's better than a ready Mag since you don't have to haul that extra weight on your weapon and kangaroo pouches suck!"
-from "Hank"

Many shooters wonder if the magazines will fall out during strenuous activity. If the tension is adjusted correctly the REAPER will retain the magazine. We dragged a REAPER behind a car, measured how many pounds of pull it can handle, dropped 200 pounds on top of it. The magazine WILL NOT FALL OUT!

All REAPERS are made to order. Allow two weeks for production time.

If you want your REAPER specifically oriented for left handed reloads contact us and we'll make it happen at no extra cost.

Standard Patterns:

Black, Green, Tan $30

Carbon Fiber Tan, Black $45

Multicam $55


Skull Variants $55


Custom patterns or colors are available on request, pricing will vary based on availability.

Allow for a two week production time on every order. Every REAPER is hand-crafted, no two will be precisely identical.

Like all custom Kydex products, extreme heat will cause deformations, take care of your REAPERS and they'll take care of you. Patterns like Multicam and Skull may have varying color tones or pattern flex.

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Price: from $30.00

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