Firearm Basics

If you are brand new to firearms, have just purchased a firearm or are looking to try some out this is the course for you. From 715pm-830pm at the Clark County Shooting Complex Education Center we cover the foundations of proper firearm handling. We'll go over safety, shooting positions, loading, unloading, shooting fundamentals and everything else you need to begin your firearm journey.

This course applies to handguns, AR types (SKS, Mini-14 etc..) and shotguns. Just choose the type of firearm you wish to learn. We keep these classes very small so there is a one on one instructor to student ratio.

"Thank you Ready Tactical LLC!! I cannot believe how much more confident you have made me in two days!! I really appreciate the CCW class and the handgun training! I have already recommended you to three others! James and Nate are amazing instructors! I am excited for Defensive Mindset." -Ready Tactical LLC Student


This is a zero stress course. Even people who have never shot before will feel comfortable and at ease.
If you have your own firearm and ammo the cost is $30
To try out our firearms and ammo the cost is $60

Requires ~ 50 Rounds of ammo or 1 box of shotgun shells.

What to bring:
Eye & Ear Protection
1 Magazine at least
Clothing appropriate for the season (class is outside)

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Price: from $30.00

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