Advanced Carry Tactics

Take Concealed Carry theory and put it into practice. We don't get to control when or how a confrontation occurs. Learn the techniques and tactics that can save your life and the lives of your family.

During this course we introduce close order protection techniques so you know how to protect those around you. Drawing from concealment and engaging attacking threats are critical for real world training. We use a state of the art attack target to help inoculate you against stress and improve your concealed draw. Carjacking is a major concern in any urban area, learn how to safely engage threats from your vehicle. Nearly all fights go to the ground, get comfortable shooting from there. Bad guys may strike anytime day or night. Don't limit yourself to daytime shooting only. Learn how to illuminate your target and control tracing.

The course culminates with a force on force scenario designed to test your ability and harden you against the effects of stress.

This course is held by request only. Contact us for scheduling.

Required Items:
Your Concealed Firearm
Your Concealment Holster
At least 2 magazines
Concealment mag pouch
Eye Protection (day/night)
Ear Protection
Every Day Carry Flashlight
300 Rnds


Price: $200.00

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