Think of home. Take a deep breath and relax. Feel safe and secure. Your doors are locked, your windows are closed. Life is good. Or is it? In every category Las Vegas exceeds the national average for crime. We need to do a better job securing our homes.

Home is the place we go to escape the world. After a long day at work or school, home is the one place we can rejuvenate. When we think of our homes we conjure images of steaming coffee, our favorite fluffy couch or our soft bed. This is why humans have made homes for hundreds of thousands of years, to feel safe.

Everyday thieves and murderers violate that safety. Despicable miscreants engage in break ins, burglary, theft and violence. These abhorrent creatures have decided they do not wish to play by the rules the rest of us see as basic common courtesy. Our enemies do not see our homes as we do. They see a target rich environment replete with free valuable objects. Instead of security and comfort they see opportunity.

To defeat your enemy you must think like him and see what he sees. The next time you are outside of your home envision how you would break in. Walk around the exterior of your home. See what valuables are displayed in the open. Try to find clues about the inhabitants. Analyze your comings and goings and discern the patterns.

What message do you send to the enemy?