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Mission Statement:
Dark Sand Group is comprised of individuals who shoot for the sake of shooting. We support no political party or faction. We strive for excellence in every form of firearm and defense proficiency. We recognize that some people do not endorse the use of firearms or see the need for proficiency, to them we say: Live and Let Live. We recognize that we cannot neglect our bodies or minds in the pursuit of shooting excellence. We expect our members to be law abiding, constructive contributors to a peaceful society. If we are not actively improving ourselves and our community we are failing.

Code of Conduct:
I will never use my training for nefarious purposes.
I will always operate every weapon system safely.
I will not use DSG as my political forum.
I will treat all others with respect.
I will not use DSG as my business mixer.
I will strive for perfection in mind and body.

1. Unsafe shooters will be removed from DSG.
2. Boisterous, obnoxious, overly critical persons will be asked to leave.
3. No trash talk allowed, let the results of your shooting speak for themselves.
4. At DSG events, members will wear their patch.
5. Whining, Excuses, Profanity, Boasting will result in fines.
6. Be responsible for your actions.
7. Discount code is only for members. No gifting, or reselling allowed.
8. Violators of the Rules and Code of Conduct will be striped of membership.

Members of DSG are held to a higher standard. At DSG events we expect professional behavior i.e. no vulgar stories/discussions and no F-bombs.

To become a member of Dark Sand Group you must do the following:

1. Complete a practical safety proficiency test.
2. Sign each of the following documents: Disclaimer, Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, Rules, Fill out Member Info Form
3. Pay one time $50 membership fee.

Click below for forms to print and sign.

DSG Members will receive 25% off on any product or course sold by Ready Tactical LLC.
At least once a month DSG Members will have access to an exclusive event (Shooting, Medical, Defensive Tactics, Survival)
DSG Members will have the opportunity to improve, learn and associate with others dedicated to excellence.

To sign up, email Readytactical dot james at gmail dot com

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